zaterdag 11 juni 2016

How a chisel set is made

 3 July 2014: the design is made and approved by the customer, the steel can be ordered
  16 July 2014: the steel is delivered, now it's time for grinding and shaping
 31 January 2015: the chisels are in their final shape and have been heat treated. Now the final grinding and edge sharpening can commence.

 10 October 2015: some progress in the grinding proces

 9 January 2016: the wood has been delivered, all the way from England. These fine pieces of leadwood will be turned into beautifull handles! 
 13 February 2016 Turning in progress
9 February: almost finished!

13 February: final edge sharpening!

4 March 2016: almost finished!

10 May: finished!

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