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My name is Wilco Flier. I have been a woodworkers since my 14th, and have had special interest in hand tools since then. Since a while, I am the person behind Flier Tool Works.  Flier Tool Works is a small tool making business, located in the Netherlands. It is not my full time job, but more of a 'professional hobby'. I tyr to have a small amoutn of tools in stock and I also work on commision. All the tools are handmade by me. I have a passion for high quality woodworking tools, but without excessive bling. A useful tool in its most simple form works often the best. However, I still believe that it is possible to combine effectiveness and beauty in one tool. Therefore, I spend a lot of time prototyping the tools before releasing them. The results of this are useful tools with clean and rounded lines, which are typical features of all the Flier tools. 

The Flier tool range consist out of a wide range of tools like paring, bench and butt chisels. Other tools like drawknives and marking knives are also offered. In addition to that, I offering the service of making tools to customer preference as well. I like to make custom made tools, so if you are looking for a unique and special tool made to your own specifications, please contact me.

As a small tool making business, I am constrained to the law of large numbers. This means that I have to save up orders till a certain amount, to make things like the heat treatments affordable. Because of this the lead time for tools which requires heat treatment will be a minimum of three months. But to my opinion; “The good things are worth to wait, right?”

The handles of Flier Tool Works are individually hand turned by myself and made of high quality wood. I use O1 steel for all my tools, and all the steel parts are machined manually out of flat bar. The brass rings are or made by myself, or are sourced locally by a third party. 
Heat treatment is done by a professional heat treatment shop for ensuring the best quality. The tools are fully hardened at 59HRC, so the full length of the chisel can be used. Only the tang is annealed to make it softer and more flexible.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Wilco Flier

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